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-NEXT- Elevation Scaffolding

A step down in price and a step up in QUALITY!

Here at -NEXT- Elevation Scaffolding we specialise in making sure that our clients are 100% satisfied.

That means from start to finish you can expect:

- Lowest Prices Guaranteed

- Scaffolding erected and dropped on time.

- Safety as standard

- Fixed Terms - No rental charged on fixed term erection

- Qualified staff

- Fully insured  



Not sure what you need?  Don’t worry we have the expertise to advise, design and install.

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8 ft Tower with 4 lifts.  

Dorma Roof Repair


13m with 2 lifts

New Build two storey extension.


25m of edge fall protection.

Safety barrier risk of fall from height.


8ft Tower with 4 lifts.

Dorma Roof  Repair.

“We used to get lumbered with scaffolding on site with customers complaining.  Since changing to NEXT Elevation we’ve saved 20% and it’s up and down when requested, all round thumbs up from us!”